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LA Again and home


Back in LA and yet again Mike was the perfect host. After a slightly indulgent evening of wine and roast chicken at a local restaurant, we spent our one day in LA being shown yet more wonderful sights. We went up to a hill top for what should have been a wonderful view over LA but the cloud didn't want us to see the full visita so we instead headed down to ground level to look at airplanes - an A12 to be exact, which was a pretty impressive reconnaissance aircraft in its day. I admit I had never heard of one of these but Seth certainly had and was very pleased to actually see one in real life.

After this we headed out for a cheese picnic in a park nearby before Mike took us to see the cave that was used in the Batman TV series. Great fun to be at a famous tv set now basically just left for people to look at and walk through. Finally we headed to the see the sunset at Venice Beach. It really is a beautiful beach in the middle of the city, much like Bundi Beach in Sydney, only even longer. By the time the sun had set on our final full day of the trip it was time to head back to the flat (via one of Robert Downey Jr's houses - you must go celeb spotting in LA!) for a BBQ on the balacony and then to repack our bags ready for heading home.

LA is a wonderful city with fantatisic weather and being shown it by our fabulous host rounded off our trip in style. We have seen so much on our trip and done so many different things that it really is quite unreal to think it has all come to an end. But as Mike kindly drove us to the airport we realised we had done the whole thing without having anything stolen and with no injures or serious illness. Instead we met wonderful friends, saw the most amazing places on this earth, ate incredible food, and did so much we just couldn't have done without a trip like this. What an adventure! We loved it but now it is time to make an adventure of life at home.

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